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Cosmetic Dermatology

Earlobe Repair & Ear Piercing

Earlobe Repair

Plastic surgery to repair a torn earlobe is a frequent occurrence.

Piercing an earlobe puts it at risk to tear. The weight of large/heavy earrings can contribute to the stretching of the earlobe opening over time. Earrings that dangle can be caught in clothing and may result in a partially or completely torn earlobe. Torn or elongated earlobes can be repaired with a simple surgery to not only fix the earlobe, but also to strengthen it.


Frequently Asked Questions About Earlobe Repair
What is Ear lobe repair?

Ear lobe repairs are performed when the ear-ring hole has become stretched or torn. The cause may be accidental or may be related to wearing excessively heavy ear-rings.

What are the risks of Ear lobe repair?

Infection is the biggest risk with Ear lobe repair. If the stitches become infected, they may become inflamed, painful and lumpy. Under these circumstances, the stitches will need removal.

How is Ear lobe repair performed?

Local anaesthetic is injected with a very fine needle. The damaged ear-ring holes are completely cut out. The resulting hole in the ear lobe is repaired using fine stitching on the front and the back of the ear lobe. Stitches are removed after one to two weeks.

How long will my Ear lobe repair take?

Treatments take about 30 minutes.

Ear Piercing

The best place to get you or your child’s ears pierced is at a physician’s office.

Our office performs ear piercing in a safe and sterile environment. Ear piercing should always be performed in a clean fashion because of the risk of more serious complications from infection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ear Piercing
What is Ear piercing?

Ear piercing is the production of a hole in each ear lobe to allow the wearing of ear rings.

What is different about Ear piercing performed at The Woodruff Institute?

Ear piercing is performed under local anesthetic to reduce pain and discomfort. The instruments used are guaranteed sterile and free from infection.

What are the risks of Ear piercing?

Infection is the biggest risk with Ear piercing. If the studs become infected, they may become inflamed, painful and lumpy. Under these circumstances, the studs will need removal.

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