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Body Contouring

JuVaShape for Face & Body Contouring

JuvaShape- The Body & Face Lifestyle Solution

The JuVaShape Laser system is a state-of-the-art skin treatment regimen designed to help smooth wrinkles and tighten desired areas of skin.

The procedure is very safe and can be great for improving skin tone and restoring a youthful appearance.
Over the course of a few treatments, the advanced technology stimulates collagen growth by utilizing dual-layer RF Thermotherapy modes (UniPolar and Bipolar) that penetrate to different depths of tissue depending on each individual’s needs. As a non-invasive procedure, the JuVaShape laser is relatively pain-free. During the procedure, our certified technicians will gently sweep the laser across the skin, typically resulting in a warm and soothing sensation similar to that of a hot stone massage. Patients are generally cleared to resume their daily routines immediately following treatment. Click here to read our blog, “Slim & Trim: JuVaShape Aftercare.”

For best results, the JuVaShape Laser system should be repeated once every two weeks for twelve weeks.

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Before & After treatment with JuvaSape
juvashape 1b
juvashape 1a
Before & After treatment with JuvaSape
juvashape 2b
juvashape 2a

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