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Plastic Surgery

Brow lift / Forehead lift

Brow/Forehead lift

As we get older, the brow and forehead often show signs of aging.

Due to the effects of sun and the pull of gravity, the skin begins to sag, resulting in lines between the eyebrows or “frown lines”, wrinkles across the forehead, and heaviness of the eyebrows and upper eyelids. These changes contribute to a tired, angry or sad expression that may not reflect the way you feel. A forehead or eyebrow lift corrects droopy eyelids and diminishes the horizontal lines and furrows that appear with aging. In this procedure, the muscles that cause forehead lines are removed and excess tissues that cause drooping of the brow are lifted. In the process, the eyebrows are raised and the forehead smoothed. The result is rejuvenation and overall brightening of the upper face. Dr. Jonathan E. Sonne often performs the forehead lifting procedure using an endoscope through small incisions made in the hairline.

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