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Worried about bruising after injectables? There’s a pill for that!

Posted on May 24, 2017

Worried about bruising after injectables? There’s a pill for that!
The Woodruff Institute's providers recommend Arnica Forte tablets before and after all injectable treatments, like Botox, Dysport and/or injectable fillers, to help lessen and/or prevent bruising altogether.

Arnica Forte combines the natural benefits of Arnica montana and bromelain, both are derived from plants. Arnica montana is a flowering plant native to western North America and the mountainous regions of Europe. It has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling associated with bruises. Bromelain is an extract from mainly the stem of Ananas comosus, the pineapple plant. It is also available in lesser quantities in the rest of the fresh plant and fruit. Bromelain has been used in Central and South America since the 17th century to help reduce inflammation and bruising.

Nowadays, both Arnica montana and bromelain are commonly used before and after cosmetic procedures. Many cosmetic and health care providers as well as patients recommend them and report less bruising with their use. Topical Arnica Forte may be applied twice daily on intact skin after procedures. Oral Arnica Forte is often used up to one to two days prior to the procedure and continued up to five days afterwards.

The Woodruff Institute is currently offering a FREE Arnica Roll-on with the purchase on one bottle of Arnica tablets. This is for a limited time. Call for details.

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