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Wondering Why You Should Choose JuVaShape over Coolsculpting?

Posted on August 08, 2017

Wondering Why You Should Choose JuVaShape over Coolsculpting?
Many of you have probably heard about Coolsculpting. Let us tell you why JuVaShape is THE lifestyle solution!

So, what is the difference between JuVaShape and Coolsculpting?

Although both treatments can reduce volume by destroying fat cells, JuVaShape takes things one step further by toning and tightening the skin. Once you’ve done Coolsculpting and the volume has been lost, you can be left with unsightly sagging skin. The underlying fat that once kept the skin looking full, has now disappeared, leaving the skin with a crepe-like appearance. When you have a JuVaShape treatment, you are tightening and toning while losing volume!

How does JuVaShape work?
JuVaShape uses patented bipolar technology to improve the appearance and the contour of your face and body. The Bipolar technology in JuVaShape destroys fat cells and reshapes problem areas of the face or body, by melting fat cells and cellulite. JuVaShape then forces your body to rapidly produce excess collagen to restore firmness back into your skin.

How does JuVaShape technology differ from Coolsculpting?
The Coolsculpting applicator is a rectangular shaped device that sucks the skin and fat into it like a vacuum. Any fat cells outside of the applicator are not removed, leading to a visible “bar” of fat around the perimeters of the applicator. People in the industry refer to this as a “Butter Bar”.
JuVaShape has two separate hand pieces, one for volume loss and one for tightening. The hand piece glides across the surface of the skin in circular motions to cover the entire treatment area. Since JuVaShape uses radio frequency technology, it absorbs evenly into the body, leaving no visible treatment lines and no bulges of volume outside of the treatment area.

Is there a difference in downtime with JuVaShape versus Coolsculpting?
Coolsculpting freezes whatever is inside the applicator. Once the applicator is removed, you can actually feel the crystalized frozen fat under the skin. It leaves a pins and needles sensation in the treatment area, similar to frostbite. It also creates swelling due to the suction of the applicator, which can be visible under clothing. You must wear very loose clothing due to the uncomfortable feeling. These after effects can sometimes last over a week!
JuVaShape has ZERO downtime! There should be no visible after effects from the treatment.

What about pain?
Pain isn’t something most people would willingly inflict on themselves, but that is unfortunately one of the downsides to Coolsculpting. It can be downright unbearable to some people. Due to the extreme suction and freezing, it’s quite painful during the first few minutes of treatment. Once the treatment area reaches the freezing temperature, the area then becomes numb.
JuVaShape, on the other hand, has a warming sensation that can be very comforting. In fact, many patients have compared it to a hot stone massage. There should never be any discomfort during a JuVaShape treatment, even if you feel like you might be heat sensitive. There is always a way to adjust the treatment settings to assure that you have a comfortable, pleasant experience.

JuVaShape is the perfect way to not just remove volume caused by increased fat, but also to tone, tighten and firm the skin. With no downtime, there’s no need to change your daily routine, or to feel limited as to what you can do after your treatment. There’s no pain involved, so you can enjoy your treatment and feel more relaxed after.

So, are you still wondering why you should choose JuVaShape? Honestly, if you compare the facts, there really is no reason not to!!

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