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STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Combat the 3 D’s of Aging with Nicole Habib PA-C

Posted on March 05, 2019

STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Combat the 3 D’s of Aging with Nicole Habib PA-C
The Woodruff Institute has your secret weapon to doing aging the right way...

Chances are if you've visited The Woodruff Institute, you've either seen or been treated by our Master Injector, Nicole Habib PA-C. Nicole is a certified physician assistant and has over seven years of experience in Dermatology. The two fundamental elements of what she loves to do are keeping skin looking young and turning back the clock on older skin. Just as in love, aging is a battlefield and Nicole takes pride in helping her patients conquer the three D’s of growing old: deflation, descent, and deterioration. Nicole believes that, "No matter your age, if you’re committed to the anti-aging process then you need to arm yourself with the proper weapons against these 3 D's."

By integrating a wide array of treatment tools, and without even using a scalpel, Nicole can help you create a more youthful and beautiful appearance. The first step is to come in for a consultation with Nicole. After a careful and thorough examination of your skin, she will recommend topical elements appropriate for your skin's needs and type. She will recommend a combination of over-the-counter and medical grade skin care products to help you achieve the results you want while taking into consideration your budget. Second, she may introduce injectables, such as Botox-type products that minimize animation and the muscles that create creases, followed by soft tissue fillers which can create volume and support. As a finishing touch, she may recommend energy-based devices such as lasers, light devices, intense pulsed light photofacials, fractional devices, or radiofrequency to create tighter, firmer skin with less discoloration.

The Woodruff Institute is fortunate today to provide state-of-the-art technology which provides various options for anti-aging and restoration of youth and beauty. Nicole Habib's approach customizes a unique blend of skin care, neuromodulators, soft tissue fillers and energy-based devices to tailor a treatment program that caters to her patient's needs. The Woodruff Institute invites you to schedule a complementary live consultation with Nicole to get feedback on your specific needs and learn about available solutions. She will integrate these services and products into the best possible package that seeks to address your aging concerns.

CURRENT SPECIALS offered exclusively by Nicole Habib, PA-C. For a limited time only:
  • Buy one PRP tube for hairloss or facial rejuvenation and get $200off the second tube
  • $100 off any laser treatment for face or neck
  • $200 off any laser treatment for face, neck, or chest
  • Purchase laser hair removal for underarms and get the upper lip FREE
  • Purchase laser hair removal for ears and get behind the neck FREE
Call to schedule your complimentary consultation today with Nicole Habib PA-C- your secret weapon against the 3 D's of aging!


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