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Our main phone number for our downtown Naples office is temporarily out of service. If you need to reach us, please call 1-844-485-0104. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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No Tricks, Just Treats for Your Skin

Posted on September 29, 2017

No Tricks, Just Treats for Your Skin
Low Cost and Low Commitment Cosmetics for Beautiful Skin!

Halloween is the one time of year that it’s acceptable to wear a mask or heavy makeup to camouflage our true identities. The providers at The Woodruff Institute for Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery want you to look and feel your best naturally all year round. We have tricks for looking better and are able to treat all your skin conditions and concerns.

There are many options when it comes to skincare, but some of the most popular and in demand procedures are the following:

Platelet rich plasma (PRP): PRP has become a highly sought-after non-surgical procedure for facial and skin rejuvenation. PRP is a therapy that utilizes a patient’s own blood to stimulate new cell growth, helping to improve your complexion, skin texture and to restore lost facial volume. PRP can also be used to treat thinning hair and hairloss, particularly male pattern baldness. As the procedure uses a patient’s own blood, it has been referred to as the “Vampire Facelift” or Dracula therapy. Since PRP utilizes the beneficial functions of a patients own platelets, there is no risk of allergy or rejection of the treatment.

Dysport and Botox: If you’ve have wrinkles that are holding you back, then the Woodruff Institute has the answer. Our highly trained providers are experts at injecting Botox and Dysport in just the right areas to make your wrinkles softer and in many cases disappear completely. All the while, the right placement is the key to looking natural without the frozen face appearance or dreaded mismatched brows. This is why it’s critical to see board certified, qualified practitioners for injections.

Dermal Fillers: Restylane and Juvederm dermal fillers are incredible ways to restore fullness to your face. As we age, we often become a little more sunken in and gauntly, which is one of the most common aging issues that Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons see in both men and women. With just a touch of filler to the cheeks, lips, under eye area or folds around the mouth, you will instantly look younger and the results can last six months or longer.

Hyperpigmentation: Do you have discoloration on your face, chest, neck or hands? There are multiple ways to brighten and lighten your skin. With laser therapy, the dermal layers can be deeply penetrated for instant, long-lasting results. There are also medical grade topical creams that can be used to lighten your dark spots gradually in the convenience of your home.

Kybella: The only FDA approved injectable for dissipating a double chin is Kybella and many patients are enjoying the benefits of a more sleek and youthful jawline, and the best part is that it’s a quick and easy procedure. With just a few strategically placed injections, you can say goodbye to your double chin.

Aesthetic & Med Spa Services
At the Woodruff Institute, they offer medical quality aesthetic services to meet all of your skin care needs. Whether you need to get your glow back, or to firm the skin, increase collagen or to de-puff your eyes, the Woodruff Institute has many different options to choose from.

• Customized Facials
• Microdermabrasion Facials
• Dermaplaning Facials
• Teen Facials
• Micropeels (Glycolic, Salicylic or Lactic)
• Specialized Back Treatment
• Customized Cleansing facial
• Collagen P.I.N. Microneedling
• Waxing services
• Lash Services
• Permanent Cosmetics (eyelashes, eyeliner & brows)

If you are looking to add that finishing touch to your Halloween costume with a younger look or are just looking to rejuvenate your appearance for the Fall, visit us today! 239.498.DERM
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