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Our main phone number for our downtown Naples office is temporarily out of service. If you need to reach us, please call 1-844-485-0104. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Posted on June 16, 2015


Non-invasive body sculpting devices have been increasing in popularity over the years. Frequently I would ask my dermatology and plastic surgery colleagues about their devices and I was never that impressed with their answers. At the Woodruff Institute we take pride in only offering services that we know will work. We refuse to follow the latest fad. Our patients rely on us to do the research and wait until the technology is perfected. Well, that time has come with body sculpting devices. When I learned about JuvaShape, a radiofrequency body sculpting device, I knew we were right to wait.

Radiofrequency devices for skin tightening have been around for more than a decade, but the technology needed to mature in order to have a device that was safe and delivered results. JuvaShape is the solution to all the problems with early body sculpting devices. I have heard from friends and patients who have tried these other devices that they can be painful, don’t give results, or leave you feeling like you have a brick your belly. JuvaShape is not painful. In fact, it feels like a hot stone massage. When I tried it, the only painful part was having my before photos taken! JuvaShape requires multiple treatments, but it does deliver results. And because JuvaShape uses heat and constant motion to melt your fat and tighten your skin, your skin feels normal and natural after the procedure. JuvaShape is also superior to some of the other devices out there because it not only dissolves the fat, but it also tightens the skin. In fact, many of our patients are quite thin and use it just for the skin tightening effect.

Whenever we have a new treatment, to make sure it is safe and effective, we try it on our staff or willing volunteers before we start treating patients. Always trying to do my part, I volunteered to have the JuvaShape. First I signed up for my belly. The next day I signed up for my arms. And a week later I started treating my flanks, my thighs and my derriere. It was all for the patients, really. It takes six to 8 treatments to get the desired results, but after two treatments on my arms, my gym buddy leaned over when we were on the elliptical machines and said, “You’re doing that fat zapping thing on your arms, aren’t you?”

I have now completed all my treatments and I must say I am impressed.

I am still not a runway model, but my clothes fit me better, I will wear a bathing suit without a cover up (wearing sunscreen, of course), and overall feel more confident. We all know it is hard growing older and seeing our bodies change. And just at a time when I was accepting that my middle aged body was never going to look like my younger body again, JuvaShape came along and gave me a little boost.

What’s the biggest problem with JuvaShape? It is addicting. When you start seeing results you just want more, more, more. Next, I want to do my neck and jowels.

If you would like to learn more about JuvaShape, call our office at 239-596-9337.

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