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Earlobe Repair at The Woodruff Institute

Posted on November 07, 2019

Earlobe Repair at The Woodruff Institute

Elaborate, gorgeous earrings continue to grow in popularity, but the heavier they are, the more dangerous they can be to your skin. Constantly wearing heavy earrings can wreak havoc, and eventually lead to complete splitting of the earlobe. If you notice that your earring hole is starting to elongate and become more of a slit rather than a hole, then it is being stretched. Also, tension, pain or discomfort with wearing a particular pair of earrings can be a sign that stress is being applied to your earlobe.

An easy option would be to avoid heavy earrings. If this is not possible, perhaps try making statement earrings an occasional use versus an everyday thing.

Splitting of the earlobe is not solely caused by large, heavy earrings. Earlobes can tear when earrings are snagged or pulled, the former is common when sleeping with earrings and the latter commonly occurs when holding a baby

Fortunately, torn earlobes are easily fixed with a small procedure that takes about ten minutes. During this process, the old earring hole is closed up and left to heal. The earlobe can be repierced in a couple of months.

If you think that you may be a candidate for earlobe repair or have any other dermatological concerns, contact The Woodruff Institute today to schedule an appointment with our Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Sonne.

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